More about Moore: The personality of our principal

Brenda Bennett, Staff Reporter

The face that represents the school, otherwise known as Principal Christopher Moore, is full of surprises, some that do not quite meet the criteria or the standards of “normal.” When asked questions about topics raning from why he works at LDHS to his fears,  his true character started to show.

Early in the semester, Moore talked about adjusting to the LDHS layout, saying that he was, “afraid of the pods. I think that it poses some challenges, and I hope that if we are blessed with a new school, that it will be designed differently.”

Behind the scenes, Moore is a total family man, but he still manages to joke that he “forgot” his kids ages during the interview for this story. Moore grew up in a small town and says he was blessed with a “beautiful and talented wife, two adorable children. Olivia is 10 and Abrum is 9.”

Moore’s fears were simple but strange. He has many fears, including being “very, very afraid of bees. I have a phobia of needles. I hate them, they make me unconscious. I hate the smell of wet peanut butter. I hate that. I also don’t like the sound of lettuce when it tears; it makes my lip curl up,” he said. These unusual fears had to have interesting stories behind them.

Turns out Moore fishes, and  his brother took him to fish one day right after a drought.

“So were walking along the edge of a lake, and the lake was really low,” Moore said. As they were walking, the brothers spotted a beaverdam. “I’m kinda lazy, and I didn’t want to walk all the way around it, so I started climbing over it,” Moore said.

Somehow, Moore’s foot broke through the dam ,and underneath was a beehive.

“All of a sudden, there was this giant, black cloud of death and anger and hatred  swarming around my head, stinging me again and again,” he said.

After thinking back on old cartoons, he jumped down into the water. “I leapt off the beaverdam into six inches of water with the bees still stinging me,” he said.

After a trip home with incredibly painful bee stings, covering himself with pennies to cure the  pain, and passing out on the way to get sunscreen for the beestings that “burned,” Moore was finally taken to the hospital. He was not too happy.

“I was sure  they did not have sunburn spray at the hospital,” Moore said. “As I turned to leave, they called my name.”  Someone took him back for treatment.

“This person who was a doctor, or nurse, or janitor or something came in who had an ENORMOUS shot, he said and this is a quote ‘this might sting a little’, and they stabbed me in the tushy with a HUGE needle,” Moore has  no memory of anything after except after receiving a call from his sister who he had accidentally pocket dialed earlier. Apparently all she heard was screaming. “And that’s the story of the bees.”

Finally, he was faced with the two most difficult questions which somehow still managed to have humorous answers. His message to the world is, “Try not to take yourself so serious, I don’t; That would be so boring.”

If he could change anything about himself Moore  “would go back to the embryo and alter my genes to where  tacos made me skinny and  muscular.”  His most important  piece  of  advice is “be nice to your  parents. They have more money  than you.” he can be serious but our  principal is very  humorous.