LDHS survives “Apoc-eclipse”

Senior Staff

LDHS faculty, staff and students watched the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse Aug. 21. As the anticipation built in fourth period, the teachers gave everyone solar eclipse glasses.

As students entered the stadium, the Student Nutrition Department provided Moon Pies to celebrate this special event in history. Students were able to snack on these treats as they gathered in the visitor stands or on the football field.

Some students either opted out and went to Commons to watch the eclipse indoors on the TV as NASA broadcast it live, or they were dismissed early to watch the eclipse with their families, like senior Kaitlyn McCort.

“I really enjoyed leaving school early to watch this once-in-a-lifetime event with my mom in our front yard,” McCort said.

Jessica Henderson

Jessica Henderson

Freshman Amber Benge, one of the students who opted out, watched the eclipse on the news from Commons.

“I have vertigo, and I get really nervous around crowds,” Benge explained.

Physics teacher Rob Sheffield voiced the eclipse at K.C. Hanna Stadium, providing everyone with facts and describing the eclipse when the moment of totality occurred. As the field darkened, the students celebrated with screams of enthusiasm and awe.

As totality ended and the “diamond ring effect” occurred, “it was very bright — blinding. It was a giant flash of light instead of gradually coming back into view. I was still watching it as totality ended,” junior Nathan Kellett said.